Saturday, April 16, 2011

Layout is FINISHED

One down, 5 more classes to go. I did end up liking what I drew for my final two layout assignments although the paintings did not go too well. I will work on those more in the summer and hopefully come up with better ones. I find painting layouts a difficult thing to do, especially when it's in grayscale. All I need is more practise, and with all the free time I'm going to have this summer, I will get it. Here's the line art though. Enjoy

The first is my castle scene. This one took longer because of all the perspective and details. The castle alone took me about 5 hours but I think my idea came across well. It was funny to look through the process. The first thumbnail of this was a castle on some mountain in the middle of the ocean, that turned into a castle in a mountainous area with an army heading to destroy the dragon who took over. And this is the end result. At least I was consistent with the castle

The second is my tree house scene, this didn't change much from the original idea. The only problems I had with it were deciding what the treehouses would look like. Once that was figured out, the rest went along quickly. Good practise from the tree pan.